Face-to-face challenges

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Twenty Challenges to choose from

Both TJR and ITR offer 20 challenges to be solved by the planned performance of robot prototypes in a predefined real scenario. These challenges allow the team to choose according to their level of prior knowledge and the pedagogical planning for which the project in question is being used.

Formative Challenges

Challenges designed to contribute to the Basic Education curriculum. The competition takes place separately for different age groups.

demo Challenges

Challenges aimed at integrating teachers/mentors and students to deal with challenging projects. Competition allows teams to be formed without age distinction.


Any questions, consult or schedule an online meeting on the Zoom platform, via e-mail: competicao@torneiojrobotica.com.br 

Face-to-face competition

To participate in a face-to-face event, the interested team must submit at least one Robot Performance Sheet, with its performance in a corresponding challenge@online.

If the submitted Performance Token is considered valid by the arbitration, then the robot will already have an Efficiency Ratio assigned to that online participation and may have the opportunity to participate in a face-to-face event.

The team will only be exempt from sending a Performance Sheet if the chosen face-to-face challenge does not have a corresponding challenge@online until 30 days before the date of the face-to-face event in which it intends to participate.





Matching between challenges

How it works  

• Formative Challenges — Currently, distributed in eleven challenges, Tug of War, Dance, MMA, Multimedia Record, High Risk Rescue, Plan Rescue, Firefighter Robot, Pizzeria Delivery Robot, Sumo, Journey to the Center of the Earth and VCT - Final Labyrinth , all proposed to be solved by autonomous robots, built by teams with components from 6 years of age and without maximum age. The teams compete, according to the age of their oldest member, in 4 levels:

Level 1: The oldest member of the team must be, throughout the current year, from 6 to 11 years old, inclusive;

Level 2: The oldest member of the team must be, throughout the current year, from 12 to 14 years old, inclusive;

Level 3: The oldest member of the team must be, during the entire current year, between 15 and 18 years old, inclusive;

Level 4: The oldest member of the team must be, throughout the current year, over 19 years old, inclusive

• Demo Challenges — Currently, distributed in five challenges, Drone Driving: Indoor Exploration, Pizzeria Delivery DRONE, Autonomous Car Racing, Humanoids For Fight and Humanoid Racing, Robot Soccer, Nautical Robotics, 3kg Sumo, Tug of War 2 X 2. All registered teams compete at the same level, regardless of the age of their members, considering the consent of parents and guardians in the case of minors.

Easy to Participate

The challenge in a face-to-face event has its pre-established scenario, however the local organization must define the details of setting up this scenario at the time and place of the dispute, constituting the action of the organizer, in an unpredictable factor for the theater of robot operations, which the team will have to rely on from the beginning of the development of their robot.





Dance online - RULES



Record online - RULES

Tug of War online - RULES

Sumo online - RULES

Autonomous Car Racing online - RULES

Rescue online - RULES


MMA online - RULES

Tug of War 2 X 2 online - RULES

Sumo 3 kg online - RULES

Face-to-Face Challenge and Challenge@Online Correspondent


Multimedia Record - RULES


Robot Dance - RULES


Robot Sumo - RULES


plan rescue




Sumo 3 kg

Journey to the center

Tug of war

Tug of War - RULES

tug of war 2

Tug of War 2 X 2 - RULES

Sumo 3 kg - RULES

Autonomous Car Racing - RULES

High Risk Rescue - RULES

High Risk Rescue online - RULES

Scenario see RP@ONLINE

Horizontal Plan rescue - RULES

Journey to the Center of the Earth - RULES

Journey to the Center of the Earth online - RULES

Official Scenario

File: (PDF) or (CDR)

Characteristic of the Figure: A rectangle of 89.0 cm by 120.0 cm, formed by black lines with 0.02 m that delimit the course of  0.20 m of internal distance between the lateral lines (width of the white strip between the black lateral edges). 

Total Dimensions: 1.27mx1.78m 

Official Scenario

File: (2 banners 80x80) or (2 banners 90X120)

Characteristic of the Figure: A set of square banners with 80.0 cm sides containing a design of 0.02 m thick black lines that indicate the route. Another set of rectangular banners with sides 90.0 cm and 120.0 cm with rectangular border formed by a line of 0.20 m thick.

Total Dimensions: Set A - 0.80mx0.80m; Set B - 0.90mx1.20m

Official Scenario


File: page 32 of support notebook (PDF) 

Characteristic of the Figure: A circuit built by the sum of parts.

Total Dimensions: Each square piece has sides of 0.50m